Commonly Asked Questions

Questions on GPFirst

  1. What is the GPFirst programme about?

    The GPFirst programme aims to encourages patients with non-emergency conditions to seek treatment with their GP first. Following the assessment by the GP, patients who are referred to the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) @ Admiralty or KTPH A&E will receive a $50 waiver from their bill at either location.
    For example, if the prevailing emergency attendance fee at KTPH is $122, patients who are referred under the GPFirst programme will pay $122 - $50 = $72.

  2. How will I be eligible for the waiver under GPFirst?

    You will be eligible for the waiver under GPFirst, as long as the GP you see is a participant of the programme. You will need to submit the original GPFirst referral form provided by the GP, together with valid photo identification during registration for us to process the waiver.

  3. Is GPFirst and its subsidy applicable to Permanent Residents and foreigners?

    Yes. The GPFirst programme and its benefits apply to all patients referred to the UCC and KTPH A&E by participating GPFirst clinics.

  4. How do I find out where the participating clinics are?
  5. You can find the list of participating clinics at Each participating clinic will also display a GPFirst decal.

  6. How much do I need to pay at the participating clinics?

    Patients will be charged according to the fees established by the respective clinics

  7. Can I use my CHAS benefits at the participating clinics?

    The CHAS benefits programme is a separate scheme from the GPFirst programme. CHAS benefits will continue to apply at participating CHAS clinics.

Questions on Urgent Care Centre (UCC)

  1. Why is there a need to build a UCC?

    The UCC serves as an additional avenue for northern residents to seek medical treatment. Located in the community setting to be accessible to residents, it forms part of the ecosystem of care for residents in the North specifically catering to those with urgent but non-life-threatening medical conditions.
    Residents are encouraged to consult their GP first, who may refer them to the UCC for further treatment. You may also go to the UCC instead of the A&E department, for minor procedures such as stitching of wounds.

  2. Can I enjoy CHAS benefits at the UCC?

    The UCC fee is calculated after subsidy from government, so there is no additional CHAS subsidy.

  3. Can I use Medisave to pay the fees at UCC?

    Fees payable at UCC are not covered by Medisave. Please refer to expenses listed on Medisave website for more information.

  4. Is the fee claimable under insurance?

    It depends on the coverage of your insurance policy. You are advised to check with your insurance provider for more information.

  5. Does the GPFirst programme benefits at UCC apply to SAF Personnels with a valid 11B card?


  6. Will I be able to get a medical certificate at UCC?

    Yes. You will be issued a medical certification by the physician if you are certified to be unfit for school or work.

  7. Can I get my medical report at the UCC?

    You will need to raise the request at the Patient Service Centre at KTPH.

  8. Can I walk in to get an X-ray done at the UCC?

    You will need to seek doctor’s consultation at UCC first.

  9. How do I make an appointment with UCC?

    We encourage you to consult your GP first, who can then refer you to UCC. However, the UCC accepts walk-ins.

Questions on NurseFirst

  1. How is this service different from 1777 or 995?

    1777 and 995 are national hotlines that activate ambulances based on the level of emergency. Residents experiencing urgent but not life-threatening conditions are strongly encouraged to call the NurseFirst helpline, to get quick advice on healthcare options based in the North, according to their medical conditions.

  2. Can I call this number, if I do not live in the North?

    Yes, you can still call this helpline for quick advice from our trained nurses. However, the healthcare options recommended will be located in the North.

  3. Can I use the helpline, to seek advice for my child's medical condition? Is there an age requirement?

    No, there is no age requirement.

  4. Will I be charged for calling the helpline? 

    No. There are no charges for using the NurseFirst helpline. 

  5. What is Urgent Care Centre?

    The Urgent Care Centre provides a one-stop service on consultation, diagnosis and treatment for conditions requiring urgent attention but are not life-threatening.