Caring for You&Co

An Ecosystem of Care

An Ecosystem of Care

You and your loved ones are central to how we care for our population. Our work focuses on keeping residents well and supported in the community. By ensuring a robust network of care support for patients, caregivers and families outside the hospital, we aim to help you and your loved ones be happier and healthier, for longer.

Developing a strong ecosystem of care in the community has been a key pillar of WH’s vision for the population we serve.


Our Community Mission is:                
To create self-supported ecosystems to empower our community to manage their health and age-in-place – building a resilient population and a thriving community.

Our efforts are guided by three key principles:                
Collaborate, Coordinate and Connect


Sustained success in the community for You&Co living in the North is only possible with the strong support of partners in our eco-system working with us in building a healthy and thriving community together.

Here are a list of community programmes our residents can be a part to improve health and social engagement.


Not “What’s the matter with you?” but “What matters to you?”

Building a self-supported community starts from asking the people we serve, the right questions – the most important being “What matters to You?”

This paradigm shift has helped us find better solutions to the challenges faced in caring for our community. Engaging partners and seniors in door-to-door outreach help us to understand needs of seniors living in our community.

Since 2016, the community team and volunteers have together covered over 4,000 households through our outreach in the North. These insights are used for regular reviews of existing community programmes as well as the development of new initiatives that will bring better coordination of care for you and your loved ones.

With the introduction of community nursing programmes, our seniors can receive seamless and coordinated care in our community.


Our community engagement efforts are anchored by CHOPE, which aims to build a Community of Hope as part of the Northern ecosystem of care, to better connect you and your loved ones to resources and opportunities in this thriving community.